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Hi folks!  The most recent LEA eNewsletter included the following information about an important Maine legislative update.

An Act to Fund the Lake Restoration and Protection Fund (LD 164)

This important bill is coming to a public hearing on Monday, January 30th at 9:00 am and will allocate $9 million to the Lake Restoration and Protection Fund at the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Funds will support projects that improve or maintain the quality of lake waters in Maine.

This funding will help mitigate algae blooms and other water quality issues facing our lakes. Healthy lakes and ponds are essential to a thriving Maine economy but the cost of keeping our lakes and ponds healthy is growing each year, outpacing existing sources of funding.

Read more about the bill here

You can help pass this important bill! Consider submitting testimony in favor of LD 164. Click here to find out how.

Given that the Worthley Pond Association’s mission depends on annual funding from the LEA and the Maine DEP, please take a minute to read about this important water quality initiative and consider submitting a statement of support by Jan 30th.

Thank you!

Tina West

President, Worthley Pond Association



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